About Us

About Us


A just, clean and healthy communities with people having sufficient movement to freshen environment.


The main mission of the company is to empower and activate community people to walk along for the waste free society.


  • To mobilize communities to update surrounding being united
  • To support community people to reduce solid waste and other dust disposing collected waste
  • To capacitate community people to find out the sustainable ways to eradicate issues of pollution

Set core values

  • Equal Participation
  • Accountable towards communities
  • Environment friendly and cultural sensitive approach
  • Need based approach

Introduction of Nepal Fulbari Waste 3R Pollution Control Service Pvt.Ltd.

“Healthy body, sane mind, and hearty environment are the prime requisites for building an economically vibrant nation” Nepal Fulbari Waste 3R Pollution Control Service Pvt.Ltd. is dedicated to foster environment keeping the vision of clean, green and freshen surrounding taking as a prime concern of the late 21st century’s demand. From the very beginning, the organization has been working in the sector of environment conservation with the help of community people. The main motto of the company is to reduce environmental harms due to human made solid waste as the consequence of the human made dust seems to have the worst impact on human health. It is inevitable in human life which means wherever people establish their settlement, the dust is produced and it is difficult to manage. The company has been implementing the environment cleaning project for years and people are supporting the company whatever they can.

Message from CEO

Sustainable solid waste management is the new challenge to save the human health in this era as the human residence is being led by the dense housing and colonies in the cities. People are centered towards urban areas because of different facilities available than the rural or remote areas. It has changed human life into different complications but people are happy with the new changed environment. With the changed time, people have forgot their traditional customs and beliefs as a result they have started to spend machinery life.

Plastic made bags, plates, pots and even beddings are common in these days which are temporarily used and thrown in the blank space in the surrounding which creates pollution in the communities. The main problem of this custom is more serious when people escape from the situation being irresponsible to manage it. Throwing dead animals, old clothes, papers, glasses, plastics etc.in the open space has become the common habit of the people and they think that it is the duty of the government to control it. We plead that the community is ours and we are the people to care of it. The government, organizations or companies come and solve the problems for a certain time but we are the main responsible beneficiaries who have the permanent solutions. Let’s empower our community people whom we can so that next generation will follow our actions as the custom of the communities.