Action Points

Action Points

Waste Collection

The company has been involved to collect waste going doors to doors in the certain interval of the time. The communities have been the members of the company and they keep the waste collecting in their house and the staff of the company move in each member’s door to collect waste. The collected waste is gathered in one place for further processing.

Waste Segregation

Although the company has empowered community people to segregate the waste according to its nature from their kitchen in different colored bucket provided by the organization, the staff segregate it after collecting in one place before carrying into dumping sites.


The company has allocated sites to compost the segregated waste whichever is possible and the composted manure is sold to the members (farmers) and it is has become one sustainable resources for office management. The company also manages composted manure to fertilize the plants in the nurseries.

Community Awareness Program

The company organizes regular community awareness programs in the certain interval of time. The programs are run in the different levels and groups i.e. youths, housewives, schools, hospitals, factories, garages, etc. Mass Awareness through Street Cleaning Programs The company has been conducting mass awareness programs conducting street cleaning programs with the participation of government, non-government, civil society organizations, schools, colleges and business people of residence.

Trainings and Campaigns

Waste Management and Segregation of solid waste training, HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns are run with the help of Municipality Office and other funding agencies.

Stream and River Cleaning Program

The company sometimes launches the stream and river cleaning programs with the supportive participation of the community people and other different types of organizations’ representatives.